EasyThreed X1 3D Printer

Unleashing Creativity: EasyThreed X1 3D Printer Review

🖨️🎨 Printing Adventures with EasyThreed X1 🎨🖨️

It’s time to spill the filament and tell you all about my playful escapades with the EasyThreed X1! Gather ’round, because this review is about to paint a vivid picture of my 3D printing journey with this pint-sized powerhouse.

The Prelude

Ever scoured the digital marketplaces for 3D printers? If you have, then the EasyThreed X1 probably winked at you under various aliases like WZTO Mini 3D Printer, TOPQSC, GJCrafts, and Kacsoo mini 3D printers. My magical box of surprises proudly bore the name “EasyThreed X1,” so let’s stick to that.

Cost: Under $200

Unveiling the Enigma

Picture this: a box, a whisper of anticipation, and voilà! Inside lay three trays cradling possibilities. The first unveiled treasures, accessories and a roll of snowy white PLA filament. Then, like a puzzle, the X1 revealed itself in parts, already entwined by electric veins. Assembling this techno-art marvel was a breeze; screws met their mates, cables joined in harmonious unity. A separate chamber cradled the digital heart, forever linked to the printer.

A Symphony in Simplicity

Molded plastic and delicate steel rods birthed the EasyThreed X1 – a study in aesthetics and efficiency. The electronics danced to a simple tune with four buttons, a TF card slot, and a power socket – a minimalist masterpiece. Safety embraced style, as the extruder and hot end snuggled within a plastic haven. Yes, young creators can venture here safely.

Imagine a print bed, petite at 100x100x100mm. Spring-loaded standoffs held together two plastic plates. Like a chameleon, its magnetic, flexible print surface adapted to creations. Curiously, a heated bed whispered of optional warmth.


Filament feeding became child’s play: power up, coax the filament into the extruder tube, then press the + button. The hot end danced, melting and molding dreams. The package’s accessories, a USB TF card reader and a preloaded TF card, held test prints and EasyThreed’s Easyware slicer. A digital partner for my creative tango!

The Gallery of Prints

Performance, ah, performance! The EasyThreed X1 unveiled its artistic prowess. Speed, impressive; quality, surprising. 0.15mm layers twirled with a 0.4mm nozzle, yielding delicate precision. Its brush-strokes waltzed with smaller projects, though larger canvases sometimes hummed with vibration.

The Palette: Pros and Cons


  • Budget-friendly gateway to 3D printing
  • Swift assembly and setup
  • Affordable finesse in print speed and quality
  • A secure haven for aspiring artists
  • A nimble, featherlight marvel


  • The canvas limited by print volume and upgrades
  • An occasional artistic hiccup mid-print

The Grand Finale

Dear adventurers, if you seek a 3D printing journey of wonder, if you wish to introduce a creative spirit to the art of making, let the EasyThreed X1 be your guiding star. A canvas with limitations, yet a masterpiece in its realm. Sculpt small dreams, compose intricate melodies – the X1 listens.

And for those ready to embrace their inner creator, explore the enchanting EasyThreed X1 at Go3D. A mere $159.99 opens the door to your magical 3D realm, complete with the gift of free shipping.

Disclaimer: The price and availability are subject to the capricious winds of retail.

Now, my fellow creators, go forth and craft your dreams! 🌟🎉