Review of Sunlu PLAmeta Filament

I recently came across a Reddit thread discussing experiences with Sunlu’s PLAmeta filament, and wanted to summarize some of the user reviews and feedback shared there. PLAmeta is a modified PLA material designed to have higher strength and toughness compared to standard PLA.

The original Reddit post asked “Has anyone used Sunlu PLAmeta filament?” and received over 30 comments with people weighing in on their experiences. Here’s an overview of what users had to say:

The Good

  • Several users found PLAmeta to be stronger and more durable than regular PLA. One user printed tool handles that have held up well to repeated stresses.
  • A few people said prints with PLAmeta have a nice matte texture and finish. The surface is a bit soft and feels almost rubbery.
  • Many commented that PLAmeta prints easily at temperatures similar to standard PLA (200-210C nozzle temp).
  • Users noted no significant stringing or oozing issues when printing PLAmeta.

The Bad

  • The most common complaint was about increased warping with PLAmeta compared to regular PLA. Using a heated bed, printing with a brim, and using glue/hairspray on the bed were suggested to help.
  • A number of users found PLAmeta to be more brittle than advertised. While still stronger than plain PLA, it was not as ductile/flexible as expected.
  • Several people noticed their PLAmeta filament popping and crackling more than usual when printing. This may indicate some moisture absorption.
  • There were a few mentions of clogs happening more frequently with PLAmeta filaments.

Bottom Line

Overall, feedback on Sunlu’s PLAmeta filament seems to be mixed but generally positive. When properly dried and printed, many find it to be stronger and more durable than standard PLA. However, there are some tradeoffs like increased warping and brittleness that users have noticed. Proper drying and dialing in optimal printing settings will likely produce the best results with PLAmeta. Check out the original Reddit discussion here for more first-hand experiences and tips from the 3D printing community.

If you want to try PLAmeta filament for yourself, you can get it for only $29.99 with free shipping at Go3D. See what the hype is about with this modified PLA and print stronger, more durable parts.