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HIPS 3D Printer Filament – Samples

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3D Printer Filament – Go 3D – HIPS – Samples

Choose a colour and a gauge and give our Go 3D HIPS filaments a try.

HIPS 3D printer filaments have similar properties to ABS filaments.  HIPS filament can be used on its own, but is often used in conjunction with ABS filament. HIPS filament creates a strong print that can sustain impact, but perhaps its most notable quality is that it dissolves in a different solvent than ABS.  HIPS 3D printer filament dissolves in a liquid called limonene, whereas ABS dissolves in acetone.  This makes it the perfect material to act as a support structure for ABS prints with internal overhanging components.  In such cases an external tear-away support structure will not work.  This is where HIPS filaments shine.  You can make your print using HIPS as the support structure and then place the hardened object in limonene to dissolve the HIPS components without damaging the ABS components.  Depending on the size and complexity of your print, the HIPS can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to dissolve, but you will then have your intended ABS object without any hint that the HIPS structure ever existed.

These 3D printer filament samples come in 10m lengths and are available in 1.75mm and 3mm.  Like what you see?  Check out our selection of 1kg packages of HIPS filament and have enough to complete your whole project.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 1 cm

1.75, 3.00


Black, Blue, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Gold, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White


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