20/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser


Get rid of hard to clean marks with the amazing white sponge eraser

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Material: Sponge
Color: White
Size: 100mmX60mmX20mm

Household goods: tea sets, dishes, plastic, glass, sofa, shoes, sneakers, walls,Floor, switch panel, doors, windows, tables and chairs, children’s toys .
Appliances: telephone, air conditioning, refrigerators, fans, rice cookers, microwave ovens, washing machines and so on.
Toiletries: mirrors, countertops, tub, tiles, toilet .
Metal appliances: faucet, sink, washing vegetables dish, pendant handles.
Office supplies: computers, telephones, fax machines, copiers, tables, chairs, cabinets, and so on.
Car Accessories: leather seats, auto glass, automotive front.
This sponge removes stain/dirt with water.
Good for sink, bathroom, stainless steel appliances, bath tubs and basins, ceramic tiles,
Plastic, painted walls and doors, leather, and other scribbles of home floor.

This sponge can be cut into any size for a suitable shape and it’s a strong multi-functional cleaner.

The eraser instantly removes stains without detergent
It simply makes dirt disappear

How to use:

Soak sponge in water, then squeeze eraser to remove excess water.
Gently rub sponge over dirt, smudges and scuff marks.
Rinse eraser between uses.


1. Sponge might tear if scrubbing too hard.
2. Before use test a non visible section of the surface to be cleaned.
3. Do not use on Glossy(waxed) or polished surface like car paint, monitor screen and other such surfaces.
4. Do not rub on skin or on animals.(It’s recommended to use gloves when using it)
5. Do not ingest. (if ingested seek immediate medical attention)


– Do not ingest (seek medical treatment if ingested)
– Cut off the power if used on electric appliances

20/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 120/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 220/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 320/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 420/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 520/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 620/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 720/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 820/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 920/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 1020/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 1120/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 1220/50/100pcs White Sponge Eraser 13
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Dimensions 10.0 × 6.0 × 2.0 cm





20PCS, 50PCS, 100PCS


100MM X60MMX20MM



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