PLA, The Most Popular 3D Filament?

One of the main components in 3d printing are filaments. Filaments are a thermoplastic thread that is used by 3d printers to print models.

There are many varieties of 3d filament types that are used for different models with different purposes. The most popularly used filament is called PLA which stands for polylactic acid. PLA is a widely used filament due to its versatility and many uses. PLA filament is a good option if you are looking for a material with a wide range of colours and is aesthetically pleasing.

One of the biggest reasons people choose to use PLA filament is simply because it is easy to print.

Unlike ABS, which is also another filament of choice for some people, it has a lower printing temperature and is less likely to warp. PLA doesn’t require a heating bed, but it is recommended. Another factor that sets PLA apart from ABS filament is the smell. ABS filament is known to produce a strong smell. Whereas PLA filament doesn’t release any strong or offensive smells.

PLA, The Most Popular 3D Filament? 1

What is PLA filament made out of?

PLA filament is a biodegradable plastic that is mostly sourced from sugar cane and corn starch. PLA is one of those 3D filaments that is popular among people because of how environmentally friendly it is. It is known as ‘the green plastic’. Besides printing 3d sculptured objects, it is also used for packing all sorts of things such as food materials.

Who would choose PLA filament over ABS?

ABS filament is known for its strength and durability. It is a filament type that is attractive to those who make mechanical parts. It is favoured by some also due to its higher melting temperature and its lifespan.

PLA filament, on the other hand, is perfect for those people who are creative due to its ease-of-use and its appearance. Seeing as not much smell is produced when printing with PLA filament, it makes a good pick for people that like to print at home and not require a lot of ventilation. If any smell comes from printing with PLA, it is normally a sweet, candy-like smell.

What are the drawbacks to printing with PLA?

There are only a few drawbacks when it comes to printing with PLA filament. One of those is its sturdiness. PLA printed models are not the strongest of filaments out there. They are not recommended to use for making objects such as car parts or things that may get dropped easily, such as phone cases.

Due to its low temperatures, it can be prone to melting easily if not set up correctly. If you have all your settings correct, there shouldn’t be any heating problems.

Although PLA filament is considered environmentally friendly because it is biodegradable, does not mean that it breaks down quickly. It can take up to three months in a controlled environment for PLA plastic to break down. If the plastic were to break down in a compost bin or a landfill, it could take up to 1,000 years. That is a whopping amount of time for some plastic to break down completely.

What are some of the common uses of PLA Filament?

PLA, The Most Popular 3D Filament? 2

PLA filament has a variety of uses. It is not just for those who have a creative side. Many people in the medical industry use this type of filament to print screws, rods and plates.
It is also used for the manufacturing plastic bottles, food containers and other items of the like. Due to its ability to melt easily from high temperatures, it can be used to make shrink wrap.
Although you can make cups and other things to contain liquid, it is not recommended to put hot liquids inside them. This is because PLA is sensitive to high temperatures.

Where can I find some high-quality PLA filament?

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