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  • Lampara planeta venus August 3, 2021
    Lampara del segundo planeta del sistema solar venus, 150mm de diámetro aproximadamente, 52X5mmbase, 1.6mm de grosor de pared
  • Smart filament sensor mount for micro swiss direct drive August 3, 2021
    Smart filament sensor mount for micro swiss direct drive ender 3 pro. printed with ABS but can print this with PLA and PETG also.
  • M.A.C.C TMNT Cartoon Updated Parts August 3, 2021
    Redesigned M.A.C.C Laser cannon to be more screen accurate. currently scaled to 120% in CURA, reduce by 20% to revert to the original scale size, be sure to select Snap to scale and Uniform Scaling. Enjoy
  • Pattern August 3, 2021
    Designed up this dealer button to use in home games or have just as something laying around for any poker fan. It was inspired by a dealer button in Pokerstars VR. Printing: Ring - Infil to add weight, supports needed for spade inset. Letter embossing doesn't need it. Spade - Infil to add weight, no […]
  • Desk Clamp Lamp August 3, 2021
    This lamp is put in place with a clamp. I made this because I had some smart bulbs lying around. I made it specifically for e27 bulb size. I used a e27 bulb socket holder as reference to make everything in this design. All the links to buy the bulb and socket is given here. […]
  • Space Fabric Connector Unit August 3, 2021
    This is a connector piece for the Nasa space fabric design. Still a test but it seems to work. The tiles have open legs so you can force them on existing pieces. I haven't tested it much but all feedback is welcome for future improvements. Use this to connect larger pieces like the hexagonal one […]
  • Camera mount base for Camera Butter Cinema ONE frame August 3, 2021
    This is the base that you can use to design your own GoPro Hero (or any) camera mounts for the Camera Butter Cinema ONE drone frame: For added security, use small washers on the frame bolts on top of the TPU. That will help keep the mount attached in really bad crashes. Use 100% infill […]
  • Print-in-place catapult phone stand August 3, 2021
    Bored in the office? Not anymore! Here's my Print-in-place catapult phone stand to save the day! 🙂 Have fun and after you had enough put your phone in and give this catapult some practical meaning! Here is short description: prints in place no supports required beautiful wood texture max phone thickess - 10 mm phone […]
  • AR310871 14mm wheel hex hub for Arma Granite August 3, 2021
    For the Arma Granite wheel hex hub. Part # AR310871 It doesn't have a set screw cause of the nature of the size, other than that, it has tight tolerances so its fairly tight on the hub anyway. After testing I found its slightly more durable than the cast metal but less than the machined […]
  • Labists X1 X Axis Stepper Motor Fan August 3, 2021
    Hello This is a stepper motor cooler for a Labist X1 X Axis, should fit other variants too. Its pretty deep holes so you will need a long star point driver, but you can use the same screws as your old cover to tie on on. The fan is a 12v 40x40x20 I have other […]