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  • Titan DC2 Arm-Guard January 17, 2021
    i Flight Titan DC2 Arm-Guard
  • V6 Hotend Liquid cooler Creality Ender 3/Cr20 etc January 17, 2021
    Simply coat the V6 Hotend with silicone on top and bottom and press the housing together. The holder is equipped with 6x3mm neodymium magnets This works wonderfully on my Creality Cr-20 pro I use a CoolerMaster Lite 120 for the cooling parts Use at your own risk 🙂
  • Heart with Wings Flexi January 17, 2021
    Heart with wings flexi model. We created this flexi with a larger hinge to create more flex. Print in standard setting at 6 mm high, 15% fill is fine. Enjoy and be sure to check out our other flexi models.
  • IKEA Vitemolla (VITEMÖLLA) January 17, 2021
    Абажур-шар для светильника IKEA бра "Витемолла". Состояит из 2 частей, гайки и шара. Гайка проверена, подходит 100%. С шаром не определился еще как лучше напечатать : отдельно и склеить или все вместе. Lampshade-ball for IKEA lamp "Vitemolla" sconce. Consists of 2 parts, nut and ball. Nut tested, 100% fit. With the ball, I have not […]
  • AQUARIUM SNAILS tRAP January 17, 2021
    I have modified the file in order to allow removing/replacing the top caps to place the bait (potatoes slices)..
  • Melnikov house January 17, 2021
    I hope to be useful, enjoy!
  • Fan Guard Ender3 January 17, 2021
    Fan guard for Ender3
  • Lokpfeife SBB, RhB Oldtimer z.B. Krokodil January 17, 2021
    Model ca. Originalgrösse, Bitte skalieren (Spur 1=3,12%, Spur IIm=4,44%) Model approx. original size, please scale (track 1 = 3.12%, track IIm = 4.44%)
  • Chakan Swords January 17, 2021
    Here is the models of Chakan the Forever Man swords. Made these models for cosplay purposes but it should work great with Chakan toy as well. Have done a few test prints and model seem to print okay. Recommend using resin printer and adding supports.
  • Bender for Taped 1N4148 diodes. January 17, 2021
    Wanted a bender that would work with diodes that come attached to a tape reel. I just adjusted the spacing of Flehrads bender. Im not sure how standardised the spacing on the tapes is so i provided a smaller tester piece you can use to test if your reel is suitable. The 20 one has […]