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  • Guitar Neck Shim (Fender style) September 25, 2020
    2mm neck shim with 1deg angle. recommended to print 100% infill with less than .2mm layer height for smoother top layer
  • Support Bac à Sec September 25, 2020
    support pour boite de rangement bac à sec. 1 modèle pour 1 bac à sec 1 modèle pour 2 bac à sec
  • Hex Dice Tray (for Catan) September 25, 2020
    Another design for the dice tray, created to fit with the 3d Catan pieces by Daklanza found here:
  • Battery Powered Induction Heater September 25, 2020 Induction heater build guide
  • 2" masking tape holder September 25, 2020
    Simple wall mount for 2" wide rolls of masking tape
  • Print In Place Cat With Articulated Tail September 25, 2020
    This piece was a request from a pal for a "cat with a long tail." It was designed in TinkerCad. As you can see in my prints, I customized them with the cats' names. The file doesn't have any names on it though, so no worries! This should print in place with no supports. My […]
  • Gehstockhalterung - Walking stick holder-wall September 25, 2020
    DE: Gehstockhalterung E: Walking stick holder Tags: Stock, holder, mount, Gehhilfe, rollator, stick, Walker, Rollator, walking, Walking Stick, wheeled wheeled, walker, gehstock
  • Spacer for DeWalt 20V Li-ion Battery Holder Mount by havunome September 25, 2020
    Spacer for DeWalt 20V Li-ion Battery Holder Mount by havunome
  • Reposable Tripod for Samsung Galaxy 10+ September 25, 2020
    Modified AntonDelg' design to accommodate the 10+ with a Cosmo case.
  • SubWoofer improver September 25, 2020
    Print 40% infill Tri-Hexagon, lowest possible temperature with great layer adhesion, mine is 205 for pla anet, It prints around 10hrs. 115g I took the basic idea from a printable subwoofer here, and thought that i can improve only the tube of the subwoofer. its for 48mm out of a subwoofer. IT GETS REALLY DEEP […]