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  • The Boar God July 7, 2020
    The Boar God (Lore spoiler below) The Boar God is the carcass of an overgrown Savage Boar that roams the grasslands (similar environment to the White Lion), There it is a normal beast of great size and power. Its tusks used to defend against predators. On the grasslands grows another very particular being, a fungus […]
  • G-Wagon Cup Holder July 7, 2020
    Just as it says. A cup holder for a G-Wagon. Designed to use an existing metal mounting bracket on the dash.
  • mini Otsukimi set July 7, 2020
    This is a mini Otsukimi set. Otsukimi is a traditional Japanese moon viewing event. Print with a white filament. Please use it as an interior.
  • Replacement filter for vented masks July 7, 2020
    This is a filter that replaces the vent in those vented masks, with a container that can hold a cotton makeup remover pad or other filtering material to help reduce unfiltered outgoing breath. Does it work for Covid-19? I have no way of testing that, but if you do, let me know if it works […]
  • Classical Antiquity - Numidian Light Cavalry July 7, 2020
    Classical Antiquity - Numidian Light Cavalry with javelins for 1:72 wargaming Made with Desktop hero 2.0
  • box FFP2 July 7, 2020
    Caja para mascarilla FFP2 bien vetilada
  • Thanks_to_medical_staff July 7, 2020
    I remixed it with two things I feel thank to medical staff all around the world
  • Curtain parts (Diameter 25mm bar) July 7, 2020
    Diameter of the curtain bar is 25.00 mm. Parts: Curtain bar hook Ring Holdback
  • Iron steam vintage July 7, 2020
    Vintage steam iron, more files here:
  • Remake. Jade mask from Mortal Kombat 11 (mask#7) July 7, 2020
    For request of my Inmstagram subscriber @punctilioustech and his friend 🙂 This is full remake of Jade mask. Old version of mask here: Video of printing: Coming soon My page: Before printing, set the required sizes in the slicer.
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