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  • Bahtinov astrophotography mask that works with a camera lens April 18, 2021
    Bahtinov mask for either a telescope or a camera lens. The main difference between this and other masks I've found is that this one is designed to work with a camera lens. That means using a very fine mask with a lot of thin bars, fitting on the camera's filter threads, and having a handle […]
  • Yaesu FT-70D Cradle For Ram Mount (With Belt Clip Attached) April 18, 2021
    Remix of @aaronvogel's excellent TF-70D Holder for Ram Mount. I loved the original design but wanted to accommodate keeping the belt clip on my radio while it sat in the cradle. I'm also just learning Fusion 360, so I'm happy to have something I care about to tinker with in there. My mods were as […]
  • Remix for small fingers April 18, 2021
    Just a smaller finger tip for small fingers like mine (OP has big hands !)
  • doll kitchen counter and sink April 18, 2021
    sink slides into the open part of the counter after printing
  • Small Shelf for IKEA Skadis April 18, 2021
    Small shelf for IKEA Skadis pegboard. 5 cm wide and 5 cm deep.
  • *my card case April 18, 2021
    Every part of it was examined and reorganized.
  • doll fridge April 18, 2021
    superglue the doors on after printing.
  • 1st Marine Division Geospatial Intelligence Brotherhood Memorial Plaque (2 Feet x 2 Feet) April 18, 2021
    Proudly Crafted By: NOTICE: This model is designed by MineeForm to be used by a private individual. Please don't distribute commercially!
  • a dick!! April 18, 2021 presented a thumb screw to replace the wing nut on the front-left corner of the BIBO bed. It is too wide for the other two positions. I have created a smaller version to fit the right-front corner and the back-center. A M3-.50 nut is required.
  • USB Cord hanger April 18, 2021
    My father was needing something to keep his phone cord off the ground, and boom I made this.