Inkbit’s New 3d Printer is Smarter than the Rest

An MIT start-up which goes by the name of Inkbit is made up of a strong team of intelligent individuals who understand the current state and advancements of the world of 3d printers and their capabilities.

Inkbit's New 3d Printer is Smarter than the Rest 1

Unlike many start-ups, Inkbit takes their comprehensive knowledge of 3d printers and the industry, and instead of twiddling their thumbs trying to think of new and innovative ways in which we can take advantage of 3d printers; they are putting it right into practice.

Inkbit is wholeheartedly aware that there will not be a significant industrial revolution if 3d printers cannot manage to outmatch the current conventional machinery that man is already using.

It is becoming common knowledge amongst people that 3d printers are capable of pushing the boundaries and proving to be a revolutionary tool like no other.
3d printers are now behind the production of many parts needed for specific purposes across various industries. The health care and mechanical industries have made good use of the powerful properties that the 3d printers of today can offer.

There is a countless number of 3d printer manufacturing businesses out there today that have created and released their very own all-purpose 3d printer. Inkbit is among these companies but they, unlike the rest, understand that most of the printers on the market today rarely offer the highest quality product that customers expect to see.

Because of this, 3D printing seems to only be of use to those people who need something for rapid prototyping. 3D printing is a very attractive thing to delve into if you are in an industry that is looking for creative and new innovative processes. However, most people who already use or are wanting to use 3d printers aren’t ready to accept the current limitations with design and printing.

This is where Inkbit comes in because they see the potentialities rather than the barriers that can stop us from advancing further with 3d printing technology. For each barrier, it is as if Inkbit sees them as an opportunity to move further and improve.

The team at Inkbit believe that the potentials for 3d printing and 3d design are infinite. 

Inkbit has a plan to create a variety of new products via its newly created 3d printer. Inkbit’s new printer comes with a built-in vision system that scans each layer of the print and is able to spot and correct any potential printing errors.

This new device is truly smart.

Inkbit’s new 3d printer offers a plethora of seemingly futuristic capabilities. The 3d printer is able to see and print around objects on the printer’s bed. It is also able to store replicas of previous prints due to its respectable memory saving properties.

Whilst Inkbit has only made one of these 3d printers so far, they plan on selling their 3d printed products later on in the future.

To kick off everything, Inkbit and Johnson and Johnson, have expressed interest in working with each other so they will start off by embarking on a pilot program together with them.

Inkbit is also helping to gain the support of some companies who may be interested in their plans and endeavours. Inkbit is placing its focus on companies who may be interested in the products they have already printed.
Some of these products are:

  • Industrial Tools
  • Mechanical Tools
  • Dental Aligners
  • Sleep Masks


The printer that the team at Inkbit are working on, could print up to 10 materials at the same time. The set of ‘eyes’ that are a part of the printer are apparently 100 times faster than any other printer on the market today.
The vision and learning technology that has been built into Inkbit’s very own 3d printer works seamlessly together to correct and prevent any issues that may arise during the printing process of their products.

The need for more powerful and innovative 3d printers is evergrowing. It is important that we find a way to surpass the current machines we are using today because if we can print the many parts that may be needed for different jobs with a click of a button and a 3d printer, it will save a lot of money on labour and materials.