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8 Fun and Useful Items You Can 3D Print

3D printers are an amazing piece of technology which allow you to create basically any object of your desire. Many people are using 3D printers to make ornaments, utensils and all sorts of other useful stuff. The options for printable material are endless.

There is a countless number of items you can bring to life with a 3D printer, the options are truly infinite. So, if you’re on the lookout for some inspiration as to what you can make,  listed below are some of the coolest things you can create with your 3D printer.

Spherical Speaker Enclosure

8 Fun and Useful Items You Can 3D Print 1

When it comes to 3D printables, this is one of my favourites. The design of this spherical speaker enclosure is sleek and easy on the eyes. The enclosure helps to deliver a more well-rounded sound to enhance your listening experience. They make a perfect addition to the office or even your home. These speakers are relatively small in size and fit well on a computer desk. If you like what you see and want to give it a go, you can download all the necessary files here.

Chromatic Vase

8 Fun and Useful Items You Can 3D Print 2

Are you into house plants? If you are, then this is a must-have if you want to show off your plants in a classy way. The Chromatic Vase spells out pure elegance. This vase is especially awesome because when you look at it from different angles; it begins to change colour. As cool as this design is, it can be a tricky one to make if you are a beginner.  So what are you waiting for? Make your plants stand out from the rest with a Chromatic Vase.

Lock Pick

8 Fun and Useful Items You Can 3D Print 3

This can prove to be a handy little tool to carry around with you in case you find yourself locked out of your house or whatever you may happen to be locked out of.  Due to the flexibility of this lock pick set, it may snap or get stuck in some locks; so it is recommended more for padlocks. You can pick up all the files you need from here.

Classic Lampshade

8 Fun and Useful Items You Can 3D Print 4

Sometimes, simplicity is the best. Here’s an awesome lampshade you can print out to add some colour to your home. These are even better if you have lights that dangle down from the ceiling that has no shade attached, they add character. The simplicity of this design makes it a good starter for someone who is new to 3D printing.  If you’re ready to add some colour to your home, then you can grab the files you need to download here to create this simple masterpiece.


8 Fun and Useful Items You Can 3D Print 5

Why spend ridiculous amounts of money on some plain old, wall shelves at the local department store when you can print these awesome hex-a-shelves. These are great and easy to print. These shelves are perfect for displaying ornaments and photographs. You can add as many shelves as you like. After printing, they easily mount to your wall and save a lot of floor space.

You can download all the files needed to create the hex-a-shelves here.

USB and SD Card Holder

8 Fun and Useful Items You Can 3D Print 6

This is a necessary printing idea for those people who are unorganised or misplace USB sticks often. If you find yourself at home or the office and you are scrambling around trying to find a USB with important information on it and have a track record for losing SD cards and USB sticks; then you definitely need one of these. As you can see, it has slots all over it to hold your USB sticks, SD cards and even MicroSD cards. Now you have a place which you can store them all safely, you will never lose your valued files ever again.

You can download the files for it here.

Octopus Tablet Stand

8 Fun and Useful Items You Can 3D Print 7

If you’re getting tired of having to hold on to your tablet or iPad while you stream or are doing work; then the Octopus Table Stand is something you want to think about printing. Sometimes, you need two hands in order to get the most out of your tablet or iPad. This can be hard when you are having to use one hand to hold it or unsteadily leaning it on something and risking it breaking. Save your precious technology and print this nifty stand.


8 Fun and Useful Items You Can 3D Print 8

Give your glass something cool to rest on. These coasters come in multiple designs that you can print. The good thing about these coasters is that they don’t use too much filament so you can make quite a few of them. They make a great addition to your table or a gift to someone you love. You can find the files needed for these coasters here.