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5 Industries that use 3D Printing

It is no secret that 3D printing and 3D printers are one of the most useful and rapidly growing products that mankind has come up with. Well in our opinion, it is anyway.

3D printers aren’t only just used by designers and other people of such, they are used in more ways than you know. There are a handful of industries out there today that is leveraging 3D printing technology to make their world a whole lot easier and more convenient for them.
Below, we are going to get into it and see what world industries are making the most of 3d printing technology.

The Food Industry

The food industry is certainly beginning to make use of 3d printing technologies. With the recent invention of 3d food printers, many restaurants are turning to this amazing technology in order to make their jobs a whole lot easier. There is one restaurant out there called Food Ink which is made entirely from a 3d printer.
Before you get put off, yes the food is edible and hygienic. 5 Industries that use 3D Printing 1

We recently posted a story about how 3d printers are changing the way we eat. You can check it out here.

According to, global population could grow to an estimated 9.6 billion people by 2050, and some analysts project that food production will need to be raised by 50 percent to maintain current levels. Sustainability, it seems clear, is becoming less a “nice-to-have” than a necessity.

The Architectural Industry

3D printers are extremely popular amongst those who like to design and create different types of models. The architectural industry is leveraging the magic of 3d printers in order for them to print small size samples of certain designs that they are intending to build to make sure that everything will work with no problems later down the track.

Singularityhub has reports of houses being built in as little as 24 hours and costs less than $10000, with some analysts suggesting it could cost as little as $4000 in developing countries.

Space Travel Industry

3D printing might just change the way the human race travels for good. Scientists are working out a way in which we can use 3d printers to somehow extend the duration of missions to the International Space Station and there are plans for Mars.

If a component or some kind of mechanical part of a ship is damaged during its mission, it would be handy to have a 3d printer readily available to print a new mechanical part to replace the broken one as soon as possible to avoid any more complications.  Scientists believe that we may be able to make use of 3d printers to find a way to make Mars inhabitable by humans.

NASA held a competition quite recently, to prove the feasibility of printing a habitat on Mars.

5 Industries that use 3D Printing 2

The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is another large industry that is making the most of 3d printing technology. 3d printers allow designers to fully print entire clothing collections and accessories without the need for sewing and other stuff. Big time companies like Adidas are taking advantage of this and are already 3d printing shoes.

5 Industries that use 3D Printing 3

It is very likely that the time might come where you are able to go onto a manufacturers website, download a file of the clothes you want, and simply print it from home. This would save the company’s a lot of money on manufacturing and supplying the product. wrote an article where they suggest that additive manufacturing to create extremely customizable garments.

The Health Care Industry

The healthcare industry may be the one reaping the most rewards. The healthcare and medial industry has made the most of 3d printers and have been able to print prototypes, medical tools and suitable storage containers.
It doesn’t stop there though, researchers have been able to successfully 3d print human organs, and bones.

The ability for the healthcare industry to be able to print almost anything they want with almost any materials may just mean that we can save twice as many lives of people who are suffering from some kind of health issue, whether it be the need for a new organ or the need for a new limb.

In time, the healthcare industry will have this woven into the standards.

There you have it, these are 5 of the biggest industries that are certainly using the power of 3d printers to their advantage. It is very likely that in the future more and more businesses will make use of 3d printers because they definitely make a lot of tasks easier.