Go 3D Now Does 3D Printing

Do you have a large project that needs printing right away? Or maybe your model is too big for your printer? Or maybe you have a deadline that you just need to get done as soon as possible. Then let us do your 3D print today.

In-house 3D Printers

Technology Build Area Build Height Layer Thickness Material
ProJet HD3000 203 × 178 mm 152 mm 29 µm EX200
ProJet HD3000 Plus 298 × 185 mm 203 mm 29 µm EX200
ProJet CPX3000 203 × 178 mm 152 mm 16 µm CP200
ProJet CPX3000 Plus 298 × 185 mm 203 mm 16 µm CP200
ProJet DP3000 203 × 178 mm 152 mm 29 µm EX200

Our Materials


Use our clear polypropylene simulant polymer for transparent parts that look and feel like real manufactured components with excellent dimensional accuracy, detail definition and toughness. Ideal for electronic enclosures, consumer goods, architectural models and moulding pattern masters. EX200 can be painted to add further realism to your model.

Colour Density Tensile Strength Flexural Strength Heat Distortion Elongation at Break
Transluscent 1.02 g / cm3 42.5 MPa 49 MPa 56 °C 6.83 %


Order in our accurate, high-definition wax for a variety of casting applications. The wax pattern is suitable for direct investment casting, mechanical, healthcare, education.

Colour Density Melting Point Softening Point Volumetric Shrinkage Linear Shrinkage
Blue 0.81 g / cm3 70 °C 62 °C 2.24 % 0.75 %

Design Confidentiality

We take client confidentiality extremely seriously and all your data is stored on our secure servers. This data is encrypted and password protected. Just send us your STL file and we will give you a quote right away. Just fill out the form below and send the model to [email protected].