The Top 4 3D Printed Inventions That Are Impacting Our Daily Lives Today

If you have been following our posts here at Go3D, you probably agree with us just as much as we do that 3d printers are the way of the future.
3d printing is a technology that is becoming increasingly popular, it comes as no surprise that some people out there have come up with some really awesome inventions that have started to have an impact on our everyday lives.

In this article, we’re going to be looking into some of the most innovative and simply genius 3d printed inventions that are already having an impact on everyday industries and some that are looking like they will make a big impact in the not too distant future.

1. 3D Printed Food

To start this list off, we have chosen 3d printed food. We have posted an interesting article about 3D printed food which you can check out here.
There have been people out there making the most of their special 3d printers and producing some incredibly mouth-watering food. Image result for 3d printed food
There are some 3d printers out there that are capable of printing pasta and pizza.

We think that 3d printed food will become a big part of the restaurant and hospitality industry as it would save time and money because instead of paying wages to someone, you can simply get it printed. Another reason this may make a difference in our lives is because sooner or later, we are going to be able to 3d print meat which will save the lives of many animals although, it will not be too good for the farming industry.

2. Clothing

The clothing and apparel industry is forever growing and blooming. The demand for seamstress’ is high and costly. 3d printing clothing and apparel is a lot more cost-effective than if you were to hire someone; all you would have to do is pay for the materials and hit print, well, sort of.
Nike has taken advantage of this technology and has developed a shoe for soccer players that was made with a 3d printer.

Image result for nike 3d printed shoes
It is a good idea for those who are working in the fashion and clothing industry to consider using a 3d printer for manufacturing clothing. It will save a lot of time and money and you have so much freedom to test your designs out.

3. Biomedicine

The advancements in biomedicine with the help of 3d printers is one of the coolest things invented using this technology. It is almost overwhelming to think that doctors are able to print prosthetic limbs and even fully functioning organs. 

Image result for 3d printed limbs

The biggest benefit that comes from being able to print prosthetics is that it is extremely cost-effective and printing is fast.
Many people around the world have to wait for extremely long periods of time if they are in need of a prosthetic limb because of the cost and time that is associated with it. But with 3d printing, patients can have a prosthetic sized up and printed quickly and at a  much smaller cost than going the traditional route.

4. Jewellery

Jewellery, just like the clothing industry, is forever glowing and booming. Jewellery is a product that is usually very expensive and tedious to make. Now, there are many companies that have decided to go the route of 3d printing jewellery because of the fact that it saves both time and money. Image result for 3d printed jewelry

This is not only good for the companies that are manufacturing the jewellery, but also for the customers because the businesses don’t have to pay as much to have the ring made by someone because they can just get the customers sizing and simply design it using a computer and then print it.

Only Time Will Tell

As you can see, there are so many companies and people out there that are using this powerful and relatively young technology to come up with innovative ideas that have a long term positive effect on the way we go about getting things done.
These applications to different industries have the potential to change and improve the way we do things. Although there are ideas that are unlikely to happen anytime soon, the applications that are already being employed all over the world are very exciting to see come to life.